• Programming and coordination of the activities and services according to your needs
• Selection of destination and location
• Budgeting
• Accomodotion , travel & transportatiton Services
• Design and production of printed and stamped material (announcements, invitation cards, programme booklets, bags, identification badges, memo pads, pens, flags, boards, posters, signage, name plates for doors and tables etc.) 
• Artist, invited speakers etc. organization
• Sponsorship management
• Stage & scene designing & production

• Artist, invited speakers (local or international) etc. organization.
• Simultaneous Interpretation
• Tele-conference systems
• Vip services
• Gala dinner designing & decoration
• Sound , lighting & video camera systems
• Concert & stage show production
• Coordination office & secretariat services
• Experienced host, hostess & guidence services
• Services of medical and security
• Organization of social activities before, after and during the organization
• Website designing & online registration services

• Reporting for all organisation 

Tursab s   uftaa